iCorp - Start, build and manage a company that will become the largest corporation in history


Martin Souček
Brno, Czech Republic
Founding date:
February 13, 2018
Press / Business contact:
Release date:
Q3 2023, Early Access on Steam


iCorp is a tycoon game in which you set up and manage your own company. Manufacture any product from the hundreds of products available in the game, build factories, setup production processes, buy and upgrade machinery, and take order over everything related to large company operations. Start in a small mouldy shed making wooden spoons during the Industrial Revolution and gradually work your company up into a multinational corporation producing supercomputers, cars or rockets. Sell your products on the global market and make millions or billions of dollars. Remember that you are not alone in the market and that you have hard, relentless competition breathing down your neck, who will not hesitate to resort to even the meanest of practices in the battle to dominate the market. Are you ready to lead the most successful corporation in history?


The idea of a game in which you make pizza, computers or toys is not new. There are already space rocket building simulators or automotive line management simulators in existence. But what if you wanted to do all of these at once? What if you want to nurse with care each of the many factories to the last detail, such as the choice of masonry to achieve the maximum energy efficiency of the buildings? What if you want to upgrade your machinery with individual components to achieve the utmost production speed? I expect all of this from a manufacturing simulation game, which is why two years ago I decided to start working on iCorp, which offers you this (and much more).


  • Powerful modular building system
  • Detailed company management
  • Hundreds of products to make
  • Historical figures you can hire to conduct a specific research for your company
  • Challenges based on historical events
  • Complex HR management
  • Global economy simulation
  • Huge tech tree
  • Stunning visuals


Announcement Trailer - YouTube


Martin Souček
Design, development, visuals, sound

I would never have been able to be making this game without the support of my loving wife Kamila.
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